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Insurance, Fast & Easy

We strive to provide online solutions to all insurance problems by making the process simple and effective.

Insurance Software
Askari is an insurance software provider with the ability to find solutions to any insurance challenge in Africa
Online Insurance
Online Insurance Sales Platform for all classes of insurance
Front end interface varies depending on who and what insurance is being purchased
Back-end software is standard and only needs minor adjustments when adding new products
Data Capture
Real-time data capture and management by the client, brokers, agents, motor fleet managers, banks, insurance companies, and insurance pools
Online Purchase
Users purchase, pay, manage, upload AML and relevant documents, and claim online
Clients pays online via credit/debit card, MPESA (mobile Money), ATM payments, bank transfers
Client Online Account
Policy documents are mailed to the client and stored on their online account
Insurance Disks
Clients are able to print insurance disks anytime on the Askari Printer that is set up in various public places
Insurers are able to monitor all client activity on a CRM platform


Multiple different platforms, functions and applications.

Aggregator site
Bancassurance platform
Fleet Insurance Management
Cross Border Compulsory 3rd party motor insurance distribution and sales
Travel Insurance Management
Goods in Transit platform
Import Insurance Certificate distribution
Complete Insurance Pool management solution

Cross Border Insurance

Any vehicle crossing a border is required to buy third party insurance from a registered insurer of the country they are entering.

There are numerous regional schemes such as the Yellow Card Scheme which covers the 13 countries in the COMESA region and the Brown Card that covers the ECOWAS Region Askari has numerous agreements and facilities to allow buyers of cross-border insurance to buy the appropriate insurance cover needed online.

Cross Border Fleets

We have the best solution for your cross-border fleets.

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Aggregator Sites

Askari has developed aggregator sites in 3 countries: Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe. The aggregator platform has standard features such as instant quotes. Other platforms require all your personal information but Askari doesn’t ask for anything other than the value of your vehicle. The aggregator platform has numerous unique features such as the Askari Kiosk which allows clients to issue their own insurance disc. Askari does not only act as a software provider it also actively drives clients to the insurers and has a specific sales plan to increase revenue for the insurers and maximise the revenue that Askari earns from each client.

Insurance Pools

Askari’s Insurance Pool software allows managers of pools to underwrite, manage, collect premium, allocate premiums, policies, claims, and manage 3rd party and own damage claims.

Askari provides the software for Sanctuary Insurance which covers the Yellow Card Insurance Scheme in the COMESA region covering compulsory 3rd party insurance pool in 13 Countries in the region and has now been extended to include South African and Mozambican vehicles entering the COMESA region.

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